This is my dream
and it's about to become a reality

I finally found the truck that Iv'e been looking for... a 1650 All Wheel Drive.
The original owner was the Swedish goverment ownd Railway Company, known as


  This is how she looked when JS didn't want her any more.
mr Willgård took this picture att the Junkjard inVingåker.
it's kinda nice to know how she once looked...
cause now it's time for a
"total truck makeover"

When I bought her...
...she was...
kinda... naked :)

14 april 2006

As you can see on the first picture,
it hade a Swedish made crewcab.
That's how all Loadstar looks in Sweden.

Thats becouse we used to build ALL trucks that way.
SCANIA VABIS and VOLVO did the chassis and then FLOBY, TOLLARPAR or BeGe made the ugliest wooden cabs you could ever imagin....




I hade her blasted and primed...
and I acually payed someone else
to do it...

5 may 2006


She' gonna have some
a.k.a 14.00 R20

29 augusti 2006




I gave her a better tan

15 oct 2006


it's been a while...
that's couse corvinius
now is a family

1O june 2007

her name:
Elie Tiger Corvinius




15 july 2007

I just hade to know
how high she will bee
I'm 5'11"

So... this is the original firewall with the
Flat-Back-Cowl, (according to the LineSettingTicket).
But it's onley there for measurment...
I have to move the CAB-mount back 3". couse I gotto make the Fenders longer to fit the 14.00 R20.


Luckely I gott hold of an 1850 grill that will compensate those 3" in the front.